We an Accredited Center Partner

We have a number of agreements and recognitions with institutions, enabling students to apply for an undergraduate degree programme in year 1 or with advanced standing/credit exemptions towards years 2 or 3. There are also a range of options for students looking to study at postgraduate level.

2023 Registration

Applicants should take note of the following:

Resource: (ICT, Library, & ID) #10,000/ Semester
Hostel: (OPTIONAL) #55,000 per/ Semester
HMO: #10,000

Admissions Department:

Finance Department:

DIT Vision & Mission

Dalewares Institute of Technology (DIT) is a licensed and accredited Tertiary Institution in Nigeria established in 2007 by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) in Nigeria and under the regulatory authority of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Kaduna.


You can register from anywhere, at any day and time.


Note that timetables are subject to change.


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