DALEWARES INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (DIT) hereby request Investor/Partnership relationship with qualified institution or organization that is interested in direct investment in the education sector in Nigeria through DIT.
Dalewares Institute of Technology (DIT)is a national diploma awarding tertiary Institution in Nigeria fully licensed by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria (FME) and accredited by the National Board for Technical education (NBTE).
DIT an Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI) which came as an outcome of a new policy direction in Tertiary Education sector in Nigeria initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education(FME) in 2007. The government, after a thorough assessment of the tertiary education realized that in order to transform the Nigerian economy, private sector participation in tertiary education can no longer be ignored.
To achieve a sustainable manpower development and transformation of the Nigerian citizen in various endeavors especially in entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, FME came up with the Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEI) to award National Diploma in Innovation Technology ND/NID and Higher National Diploma HND/HNID Higher National Innovation Diploma) as applicable to polytechnics in Nigeria. DIT as an institution thrives on three pillars creativity, innovation and dynamism in our curriculum.

DIT VISION: To attain international educational excellence with the excess of 2000 students by 2022.
DIT MISION: Enhancing passionately student knowledge through creative, innovative and technologically driven programs that breeds future leaders and entrepreneurs.
We are to:
1.Originate industry relevant, dynamic and innovative curriculum for accreditation by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
2.Enhance employability of graduates through skills acquisition and enterprise development,
3.Produce graduates with entrepreneurship inclination.
4.Increase access to Tertiary Education through direct entry into HND/HNID /BSc
5.Produce graduates that can compete globally.
6.Produce graduates that are meant to serve as catalyst to education reform by providing the much-needed skills and creating the bridge to the labour market.
7.Produce graduates that are technologically sound and fit into today`s and tomorrow’s smart economy and industry.
Dalewares Institute of Technology (DIT) offers post-secondary education programs leading to the award of National Diploma ND/NID and Higher National Diploma HND/HNID.
The graduates of DIT have industry entry level employment skills to function as technologists and professionals depending on the level of educational attainment.
DIT National diploma program runs for two academic years of 4 semesters for Full Time and three academic years of 6 semesters for Part Time students. A three months SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) is mandatory after the first academic year of two semesters and before the second academic year of another two semesters after which National Diploma ND is awarded after which students undergo one-year Industrial Training (IT) after the ND and progress into HNID/HND or BSc in any University of their choice.
DIT applies research and technology in the design and development of innovative curriculum that meets current and future needs of industry as well as adding value to the accrediting body`s (NBTE) minimum benchmark.
DIT programs reflects industry needs, technological trends and global best practices.
The primary objective of DIT is training and development, skill impartation, breeding professionals through creativity, innovation and technology.
Dalewares Institute of Technology is capable of delivering this mandate through Multisector training in ICT, Creative Arts, and Multimedia, Business Finance and Engineering etc.
DIT is also a fully accredited partner with NCC EDUCATION UK which provides students with an affordable route to obtain an UK university degree. NCC EDUCATION also affords students the opportunity of completing their university degree in any of the over 70 NCC EDUCATION UK partner universities in the world and access to British education in specified field of study from Nigeria in foundation, international year1 and year2.
We desire a rewarding partnership to actualize our vision.
DIT offers two options, the local and international route to quality education.
We will be glad to discuss this further.
Warm Regards.

Dalewares Institute of Technology (DIT) requires the right partner for the future.
We desire a strategic partner with an institution or organization who has the Technical and educational IT management experience. A partner with passion for international quality education.
We desire a partner with the right expertise in the development and administration of an educational institution with a global outlook. DIT already provides an opportunity for student`s interest and in enrolment of for both local (DIT) and international destinations through NCC EDUCATION UK in over 70 universities in UK, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, IRELAND etc.

INVETSMENT OPPORTUNITY: Partnership will provide an investment opportunity for direct stake in DIT as a player in the ever-growing education sector of Nigeria with international outlook.
Dalewares as an accredited and licensed tertiary institution in Nigeria awarding National diploma is also an accredited partner to NCC EDUCATION UK offering International Foundation Diploma, International year 1 and 2 and Master’s program of a few UK university in Nigeria.
Final year and graduation will be done at NCC EDUCATION UK partner university.
NCC EDUCATION UK has agreements with over 70 universities in many countries including UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, IRELAND.

Any international partner will benefit if it’s a foreign tertiary institution in the area of inflow of students into partner Institution. And same thing goes for any local tertiary institution. We already admit our students from the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB). Students can enroll with DIT and run their Foundation, 1st and 2nd Year of their bachelor’s degree program here in Nigeria and go further to complete their 3rd year Bachelor’s Degree programme in our partner Institution.
FINANCIAL BENEFITS: Partnership and expertise will bring increased enrolment and this will enhance fees and other associated income.
BRAND EXTENTION: The partnership relationship is an added publicity to partner institution or organization thereby making your brand more visible in Nigeria and by extension the rest of the world.
DALEWARES COMPUTER BASED TEST CENTER: DIT is also an examination center. A computer-based test center (CBT) for a number of international institution and recruitment agencies. DIT is also an accredited examination center for JAMB the Joint Admissions and matriculations board. Our CBT center can sit 500 students at a time for one or different examinations. This will be a great window to show case our partner institution for higher learning to potential students that come for different locations in Nigeria,

PROGRESSION OF DIT/LOCAL STUDENTS: To admit our students into your partner school for the final year/3RD year of their first-degree program, after successful completion of foundation, 1ST and 2nd year respectively as required by your curricula and standards then students will complete their program either locally or internationally in any of the partner institution.

CURRICULUM MAPPING: We also wish that Partner can contribute in the course/curriculum standardization to bring about balance in DIT curriculum and partner (Mapping) so as to remove any imbalance that could cause student to be unfit to continue their program in partner Institution. (Details of this can be worked out).
FACCILITIES: DIT will provide facilities, lecture rooms/halls, equipment, library and other facilities, where necessary we will expect partner to guide and support in any area as the case may be even in human resources and human capital development.

INFORMATION EXPOSURE TO STUDENTS: We believe that with the right partnership, quality education and orientation will be delivered to our students and we will be able produce graduates that will fill the knowledge gap that characterizes nearly all the sectors of the Nigerian and African economy.

QUALITY EDUCATION FOR LIFE: Our utmost desire to give quality and outstanding education to our prospective students to make them not only employable but seasoned entrepreneurs both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: We are determined to produce Innovation oriented, technologically driven graduates with international exposure is a major reason for the partnership.

EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS: Partnership will produce graduates and with sufficient knowledge and skills that will enhance employability both locally and internationally.
CONTINUITY: This arrangement is also geared toward hitch free progression of our graduates to partner institution for the continuation of their studies either for Direct Entry or Post-graduate studies (Masters and Doctorate degree) programs.
EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION: We are optimistic that this relationship will bring innovation to the educational sector of Nigeria.
HIGH STUDENT INFLOW: Without any doubt, this partnership will increase student outflow from Nigeria to your Institution. This is true because as its very clear that our graduates or students from DIT has an option to continue their education in partner institution, more students will be enrolling in DIT and that will result to a corresponding increase in the rate of students desiring to study in partner institution.
FINANCIAL INFLOWS: when a greater number of students from Nigeria are admitted to school it will in turn lead to increase in partner financial inflows.

DIT does not want to re-invent the wheel, we only desire to stand out as a creative, dynamic and innovative tertiary Institution in Nigeria.
Technical support to increase skilled graduate turnout to meet the industry need and bridge the gap in the social –economic and political spectrum in Nigeria as currently witnessed today.
Improved Lecture delivery and faculty.
Partner`s participation on our Academic Board.
Running partner institution foundation, year one and two programs in our institution based on agreed minimum standard and requirement.
Participating and contributing to management of DIT
Standardization of DIT curriculum and mapping where possible.
We are very much open to suggestions and ideas as to how this synergy can be achieved. All we have is our platform.
We will be glad to arrange a meeting where necessary with potential partner institution or organization or group for further discussion.
Thank you.
For Further information or enquiry, please visit
Contact details below.

David Olusegun Babalola (RECTOR)
Tel: +234-802 333 3161

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