The Governing Council:

In accordance with the of the 2019 Amendment act to the New Development of TVET, and in alignment with ministerial policies and directives, the Governing Council serves as the governing authority of the Institutions. It formulates overarching policies and guidelines, manages the institution’s property and finances, and supervises its affairs to advance its interests and objectives effectively.

Comprising a Chairman, Secretary (the Institution’s Registrar), and other members from diverse sectors including Technology, industry, and ministries, the Governing Council ensures comprehensive representation and expertise.

The Academic Board:

As outlined in enable act, the Academic Board oversees the Institution’s academic matters. This includes regulating student admissions, conferring certificates and diplomas, and providing periodic reports to the Governing Council. Additionally, it fulfills any other functions delegated by the Council.

Chaired by the Rector, the Academic Board includes the Deputy Rector, department heads, the Polytechnic Librarian, chief lecturers, and two co-opted academic staff members, with the Registrar serving as the Board’s Secretary.

The Management Committee:

Comprising the Principal Officers stipulated of the 2019 Amendment act to the New Development of TVET

—HODs, Deans, Provosts, Directors, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian and Rector.

School Board of Studies:

Each School within the Polytechnic has a Board of Studies consisting of department heads, chaired by the Dean. This board addresses academic matters such as examinations, curriculum development, and staff affairs, before submitting recommendations to the Academic Board or Management Committee.

Directorate of Student Affairs:

Responsible for student welfare, the Directorate oversees hostel accommodation, bursary documentation, student club administration, and academic ceremonies. It also acts as a mediator for student grievances, providing support, conflict resolution, and maintaining positive institutional-student relations.

Headed by the Dean of Student Affairs, the Directorate includes a Sub-Dean, Student Affairs Officer, and administrative staff to ensure effective support and management of student-related activities.