DIT Staff contribution through basic & applied research studies

DIT Staff contribution through basic & applied research studies



                                    (ACADEMICS AND ADMINISTRATION)

List of publications

  • Ajulor O.N & Nchuchuwe F. (2011) The Role of Trade Union and Civil Society in good Governance: A case Nigeria from 1999 till 2010 ‘6th Africa Regional Congress of the ILERA’ Unilag, (Published) Lagos
  • Awe K & Ajulor O.N (2012) Promoting outstanding Leadership Qualities For Sustainable Development: New Challenges for an Emerging Democracy And Inclusiveness in Africa. International Conference, Social Science & Law Journal of Policy Review & Development Strategies. Vol 2, No.2 Pages 56-64 (Published) Cross River.
  • Awe K & Ajulor O.N (2012) Governance, Human Capital Development, Sustainable Social Economic Development in Nigeria: Strengthening the Inclusion. World Journal Series (Published)Uyo, Akwa Ubom.
  • Ajulor O.N& Awe K (2014) The Imperative of Effective HRM for the Sustainable Performance and Competitiveness of Nigerian Sole Proprietorship Enterprises (Published) Kaduna
  • Awe O.K, Tugbobo A.N. and Ajulor O.N. (2015) Performance Management and Effective Service Delivery in the Nigerian Public Sector: Problems and Prospects. International Journal Of Entrepreneurial Development, Education and Science Research ISSN (Print): 2360-901Xissn (online):2360-9028. Vol.3, Pg. 131-157 (Published) Imo State Inekede.
  • Awe K & Ajulor O.N (2012) Collective Bargaining: Trends, Governance And Sustainable Industrial Harmony In Nigeria State Universities. LASU Journal of Public Administration & Management (Accepted) Lagos.
  • Awe K & Ajulor O.N (2013) Impact of Apprenticeship Training System On Business Process and Job Creation in Nigeria SME Sector’ ASCON (Accepted) Lagos
  • Ajulor O.N& Awe K (2013)The Positioning Women And Viable Development In Nigeria. Pan Africa Journal (Accepted) De Benin Republic
  • Ajulor O.N, Awe K & Oduwole T.A (2014) Effect Of Social Network Abuse On Nigerian Workers: International Conference on Business Administration and Management, Bowen Uni. (Accepted) Osun
  • Ajulor O.N.& Awe K (2014) Effect Of The New Pension Scheme On The Welfare And Post-Service Life Improvement Of Retirees In Lagos, Commercial Hub Of Nigeria: Bowen Uni. (Accepted) Osun
  • Awe, K. O, Alatishe, M A and Ajulor O N (2013) The Effect Of Public Debit On Sustainable Economic Growth In Nigeria. International Journal of Management and Social Science. (Published)
  • Maruf Salimon, J A Bamgbade, O N Ajulor and Abideen Tijani. (2017) Integrating Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), and Organizational Innovativeness In The Adoption Of Mobile Commerce. Published To Asia Pacific Management Review. Indexed In Thompson Reuters’ Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) And Scopus
  • Ajulor O.N and Awe K O (2017) The Requirement Necessary for Personnel Training and Administration in SMEs in Nigeria: OAU International Conference. (Attended) Osun.

Tiara Turay, Sany Sanuri Mohd Mokhtar, Salimon Maruf Gbadebo, Saka Morakinyo, Ajulor Olusegun Nathaniel ( 2017) The Impact of Hospital Reputation on Patient loyalty. Published To International Journal of Economic Research. SSN : 0972-9380 available at http: www.serialsjournals.com © Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.Volume 14 • Number19 • 2017

 Dissertation and Thesis

  • Ajulor O.N {2004} Labour management relations in the private sector: A case of Specomill textile limited. Being a Thesis Submitted to the Department of Industrial Relations &Personnel Management, Faculty of Management Sciences, Lagos State University, for the Award of B.Sc. in Industrial Relations &Personnel Management
  • Ajulor O.N {2010} Causes and Management of Organizational Conflicts in Nigerian Universities: A Study of Lagos State University And Covenant University. Faculty of the Social Sciences, Lagos State University, for the Award of M. Sc. in Sociology (Industrial Sociology).

Edited/Publications/ Books

  • Oladigbo Akindele O. and Ajulor Olusegun N. (2013) PSYCHOLOGY: Introduction and Revision Questions. First Edition.Published by Solid Rock Printing & Designs (HNAUB) Benin Republic
  • Ajulor Olusegun N. (2012) Introduction and Current Issues in Industrial Relations: First Edition. Published by Solid Rock Printing &Designs (Lagos) Nigeria.
  • Oduwole T. and Ajulor O.N. (2013) SOCIOLOGY FOR BEGINER: First Edition. Published by Solid Rock Printing & Designs (HNAUB) Benin Republic
  • Ajulor O.N and Awe K.O (2014) Industrial Sociology First Edition. Published by Solid Rock Printing & Designs Lagos Nigeria.

Professional accomplishments, conferences/seminars and workshops attended with dates

  • Divergence between strategy formulation and effective implementation in corporate organizations in Nigeria: HR perspective Lagos, Mainland PPCA September, 2011.


  • Enhancing people contribution towards achieving sustainable development, 9th annual conference of HR professional practitioners at ASCON, Topo, Badagry, and Lagos July 2011.


  • NUFBTE, Ogun State Council, Workshop June 2009. Paper Read: Effective Communication and Workers Productivity.


  • First Annual Learned Conference, Crawford University, Ogun State, Nigeria 23-26 March, 2009. Paper Read: Total Quality Management Concepts, Principles,




No project and research grant received by staff at present.


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